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Stapons with Dual Penis
Stapons with Dual Penis Stapons with Dual Penis Stapons with Dual Penis

Stapons with Dual Penis

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Cleaner to get it as good as new again.
Product Overview

The Stapons with Dual Penis is made from non-toxic medical material that is no harmness to your body and skin, so you do not need to worry about the sense of comfort.


  • Made from non-toxic medical material.
  • Measures 6.65 inches length and 1.38 inches width.
  • The special function of translucent stimulation.
  • Perfect fully waterproof with extra pleasant sensation.
  • Textured shaft, suction-cup base, anal stimulator, adjustable.
  • The great Stapons with Dual Penis for advanced sex toys lover.
  • Battery free.


You will be the real man, when you wear it on the bedroom. The Stapons with Dual Penis is tight that will show your perfect slim, and there are two glans penis. The big one will massager your partner's vagina, and the small one will stimulate your partner's anus, which will increase the stimulation and arouse your sexual desire. In a word, this Stapons with Dual Penis will help you to create a wonderful sexual time and both of you will be addicted to it.


The whole design of Stapons with Dual Penis is to make you be the real man and enjoy your sexual time. The penis has the stucture of gourd that will increase the stimulation to your vagina, and the curved head will touch your g spot directly and help you to find the new sensitive area.


Plus, the simulation skin will make you enjoy the sense of real people. Besides, Stapons with Dual Penis has 6.65 inches length and 1.38 inches width, which is enough to create a wonderful and magic sexual climax. Other than, you would better to use lubricant and condom together, which will promise the comfort and safety for you.


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Product Parameter

Length:  6.65in


Size: 1.38in


Material: Non-toxic medical


Function: Waterproof,  Textured shaft, Suction-cup base,  Anal stimulator, Adjustable,  Battery Free


Waterproof property: Waterproof


Gender: Female,  Male


Gold trollpoe

May 20, 2014

Stapons with Dual Penis was a great way to bring on a new experience in my relationship. I mean as an extra "attachment" it is as comfortable as I think it can be but it was great for the intimacy. I would recommend it to anyone.

Gold ben

May 19, 2014

Its big!
Stapons with Dual Penis was my first strap on, and when i opened the package with my Girlfriend, we were surprised at the size. We tried it a few times and the base kept slipping out of the harness, we finally threw the harness away and now use this as a toy by itself. We got used to the size after awhile and now we both want it!!

Gold Regina Johnson

May 16, 2014

when me and my grilfriend got Stapons with Dual Penis we thought it was huge and wouldent go in but it did and felt GREAT!!! it is a little long for me and the harness is not very good

Gold Brant Smith

Apr 29, 2014

best way to try new thing
I bought Stapons with Dual Penis for me and my wife and we love it the size is great for her and me we both are very happy she put it on and used it on me. I have never tryed anal befor and I love it great toy lost of fun everyone needs one

Gold david

Apr 28, 2014

iLOVE The SIZE Of This Stapons with Dual Penis, Its Soo Big. ! It Dont Stretch Out My Hole, BUTT iHate The Feeling Of The Jelly Sliding In And Out Of Me, Its AWESOME For The Record.

Gold Fabron Brown

Apr 7, 2014

Jesse Jane ROX!
Stapons with Dual Penis is great, with or without the harness. I just wish there were more attachments that were smaller in girth that fit in the harness. It is a rather large specimen. I love it, but sometimes I need a bit less. GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Gold Louis White

Apr 4, 2014

she was happy
fit well, she loved Stapons with Dual Penis! was easy to figure out and enhanced the experience for both of us.

Gold oliver

Jan 5, 2014

amazing for newbies.
Stapons with Dual Penis is my first time buying and using a strap-on. i got it to use on my boyfriend. the straps are so comfortable and really easy to adjust. smells, and taste a little weird when you get it. but i washed it a few times before we used it and it was fine. overall i would say this is an amazing product for men AND women of all shapes and sizes..

Gold Madhav Brown

Nov 9, 2013

we used Stapons with Dual Penis for the first time and all she can say is lets try another position, and another, and another and woo,wow, neat..put a lock on the bedroom door and get down on it...

Gold Nick Smith

Oct 22, 2013

It felt so good I'm still thinking about it!
OMG!Stapons with Dual Penisis great ! Talk about feeling good in every position. I normally do not like doggy style, but this toy really does feel good. Its easy for my partner to adjust and what a turn on to feel her closer to me than ever....Makes me just want more of her and just ride all day and night.
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