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Probe Penis Sucker
Probe Penis Sucker Probe Penis Sucker Probe Penis Sucker

Probe Penis Sucker

Tips : Clean up with mild soap and warm water or Asextoys'
Cleaner to get it as good as new again.
Product Overview

Probe Penis Sucker is a magic toy that can enlarge and prolong your penis and satisfy your need for flirting and extend the time of ejaculation --- man' s secret weapon!


  • Nubby tip makes your penis longer.
  • Made from medical non-toxic material.
  • Ribbed shaft provides extra stimulation with every thrust.
  • Super stretchy to securely fit even the thickest men.
  • High emulation European and American man's penis size.
  • Length is 5.90 inches (150mm) and width is 1.77 inches (45mm).


Simply slip this Probe Penis Sucker on like a condom to instantly add a extension to your penis! With a longer rod, you’ll be able to thrust deeper than ever inside your partner and discover all-new pleasure spots! The extra length will also boost your confidence in and out of the bedroom.

For additional thrills, the tip of the Probe Penis Sucker is covered with pleasure nubs and ribs. These textured bumps rub up and down your partner’s pussy or ass with every thrust – providing additional stimulation to help them orgasm faster than ever. And there’s even a special reservoir located inside the tip to hold your climax – making the sex toy easier to clean and cutting down on the overall mess.

The Probe Penis Sucker is extremely stretchy. This lets the penis enhancer fit a wide range of men, regardless of how thick you are. The easy-stretch material ensures a snug but secure fit to help keep the penis enhancer in place even in the heat of the moment!

After using the Probe Penis Sucker, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean inside and out. Let the sex toy dry before storing it alongside the rest of your toy collection.


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Gold Nottheusual1

Apr 5, 2014

Fun Fun Fun!!!
Having a larger than average penis I wasnt sure if this Probe Penis Sucker was right for me and the wife, but things have kinda slowed down and was looking for something to help me reach a spot I have not touched in the wife.This was it!! And judging by her multiple orgasms and the fact we had to change our sheets after using it, I say GO FOR IT!!!!! Just rember to go easy at first.

Gold Carmen Taylor

Dec 3, 2013

does the job
little tight to get on but that holds it in place so it dont slip off. my wife loved this Probe Penis Sucker and i was surprised by the ability to feel through it. highly recommend this product with those of us with average size.

Gold Deborah White

Oct 7, 2013

a lot of reviews say that it was difficult to put on. they are wrong. it stretches as much as you need it to. it can stretch enough to put on your fist. do not roll it down or lube the inside, just take it, stretch it open and put it around you. feels great for my wife, but does little for the me. but this Probe Penis Sucker is not designed for my pleasure, strictly hers.

Gold micah

Sep 9, 2013

looks reasonable.
looks reasonable.BUT weird shape..It's useful to me...

Gold Wanda Taylor

Sep 8, 2013

Love the size!
I was a bit intimidated by this Probe Penis Sucker when I opened the package, but after my hubby slipped it on, then slipped it in, I LOVED IT! The size was amazing and it felt wonderful. It did tend to feel a bit plastic after awhile, which is why I gave it 4 stars.

Gold Hannah Johnson

Aug 31, 2013

God's Gift to ALL men
I purchased this Probe Penis Sucker to add some flavor to my sex life , and the girth with this product blew me up like a flag pole. Overall, the fiance loves this toy and I do too, saves alot of money and time trying to buy pills, with this miracle, pills are not necessary, just lube and your penis and have fun, lots and lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gold oneil

Aug 4, 2013

Works great
Works great. My wife loves this Probe Penis Sucker! I am already 7+ and what she really likes is the added girth. Just let her use her mouth on you first and slip it on. Do not use lube on the inside or it will slip off. Her saliva will make it easy to go on and stay. WOW she loves it and the inside feels good for me also.

Gold Lillian Taylor

Apr 29, 2013

Was very impressed.
Recently got to use this Probe Penis Sucker with a lover, and was amazed to find how much I enjoyed it. The texture around the head is amazing, and it added just the right thickness to make the experience a mind-blowing one. Would recommend.

Gold sainsbury

Apr 25, 2013

Wife Moaned
My wife is rather quiet during sex. I was deliriously happy to hear her moaning and gasping as I entered her slowly and she could feel all the knobs on this Probe Penis Sucker. And because this is thick enough to numb a lot of the friction I feel, I pounded away at her for quite some time. Her orgasm was noisy and satisfying. I felt like a stud the way she responded to this addition. It is a bit of squeeze to get into it, but well worth the effort.

Gold Jordan Brown

Apr 5, 2013

It works
My wife and i were pleased from the first time we used it
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