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Women want to enjoy different sex, they will take one or more vibrators from adult toys store. These vibrators will help them to stimulate their sensitive area and explore their new sex sense. Buying top rated vibrator to enjoy masturbation sex or create fantastic foreplay for couple. Vibrators take you enjoy different sex time.

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About Asextoys' Vibrator Sex Toys

Asextoys stocks all the latest best selling vibrators of sex toys. Checking out a selection of our vibrator toys here:


Rabbit vibrators always are the most popular and the best selling vibrator. Rabbit vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, also it's easy for you to find the one that suits you best, which meets all your different kinds of sexual desire, and makes you enjoy awesome sexual pleasure and swoomsome time. If you're looking for clit stimulation, then our high-powered rabbit vibrators will offer you with the thrills you need. For those who prefer to stimulate their G-spot, then try a specially curved model that's sure to hit the pleasure zone. Don't forget to check out the customer reviews to get a feel for what will suit you best.


Clitoral vibrators are available in many sizes, colors, and vibration strengths. As well as multi-functional vibrators, we have bullets, tongue-teasers and finger vibrators, butterfly vibrators, double play vibrators and more. Some of our clit vibes have softer vibrations that are better for softly taunting you, while others emphasize power and are sure to give you a screaming orgasm.


G-Spot vibrators have a curved shaft to seduce and tease your G-Spot. As you might expect, there is a wide variety of G-Spot massaging vibrators. If you want to focus on your G-Spot only, then pick a more slender model with a larger head, while thicker penis shaped vibrators will give a fuller feeling. And we also sell a wide range of other vibrators including traditional cylindrical models, realistic and waterproof models, bullet vibrators, anal vibes, and even other similar vibrator kits.


There are some other nice vibrators for couple to create a new sex feeling, or for women to enjoy a best masturbator time without male’s help. We provide many choices for women to enjoy different orgasm just with one sex toy.

Find the perfect vibrator and send you to wild at Asextoys.

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