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Corsets and Bustier is the most choice for women to constraint figure. Your romantic lingerie story is not complete without the perfect corset, bustier, waist cincher, girdle, garter belt, or shaper. Our collection of retro shapewear will help you achieve a sexy hourglass figure while adding volume to your bust line. There is a lot to know about the styles and types of retro shapewear available, as well as how to pick the correct size for your particular body type. We hope to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision. The corset and bustier has been around for centuries, going back as far as the 1550s and the royal court in France. Originally they were simple garments stiffened by whalebone or other materials. The front was reinforced with ivory or wood, and laced up the back. Sexy corsets and Bustier with halter neck closure, low back and clip garters, G-String Panty, Gloves and Stockings. A nice assistant to show your sexy slim figure, take many different corsets and bustier for your choice.

Corsets and Bustier:

  • Fly Love Top Bustier

  • $54.99
  • Show that special someone just what you’ve got with this sexy and stylish Fly Love Top Bustier。   Made from satin. Beautiful white / blue satin with totally seduction. ...
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  • Contrast Colunm
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